Best WordPress Plugins For Better Google Rankings

In today’s highly competitive digital environment, every website owner wants to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). And, you need the help of effective WordPress plugins and strategies to make your website more visible on Google.

WordPress plugins are vital for increasing your SEO efforts while augmenting your website’s page load speed, security, and overall performance. Therefore, choosing the right plugin on your WordPress site is important for its optimization. However, you need to be careful of the bad plugins, as those can adversely impact your website’s search engine performance and effectiveness.

So, you need to know the right WordPress plugins for your website. Here are our top 5 picks for the best SEO plugins you need to install on your website:

1. Yoast SEO – WordPress Plugins

It is one of the most famous WordPress plugins and it’s very easy to use. Yoast SEO comes packed with amazing features that help create search-engine-friendly content. For instance, this plugin adds meta boxes to all the web pages and blog posts. So, it enables you to set your focus keyword, canonical URLs, meta description, and more. It also provides readability analysis to help you optimize your blog posts with practical suggestions to improve readability.

Some other features include:

Schema markup
Advanced XML sitemaps
Breadcrumbs control
Language support
Support for ‘noindex’ content
Access to free Yoast courses
Title and meta description templates

2. All In One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is also one of the major WordPress plugins to consider for your website. It is a good alternative to Yoast SEO. It even helps beginners to work easily and immediately upon its activation. For instance, it generates automatic meta tags and also optimizes titles for search engines.

If the users have advanced WordPress skills, they can customize their experience and make use of automatic features. Furthermore, you make use of the Robots.txt editor for guiding web crawlers to your website content. This plugin helps notify your search engines about the necessary changes that you need to make to your website.

Aside from that, it features:

Image SEO
XML and RSS Sitemap support
Schema markup
AMP support
Advanced canonical URLs
API support
Duplicate content detection
Ecommerce SEO

3. Google XML Sitemaps

If you are concerned about your site getting indexed by different search engines, Google XML Sitemaps is one of your most reliable WordPress plugins. Hence, it enables you to generate a sitemap automatically for your web pages. Due to this, the search engine crawlers can easily assess your website and its different web pages. It can even save your settings and re-apply all those sitemaps when you publish the new content.

Furthermore, it gives better control and flexibility compared to the integrated XML sitemaps that WordPress adds to the core. The main focus of this tool is on offering active XML sitemaps. So, you won’t find any more features in this plugin like other WordPress plugins. However, it is an amazing no-frills option to support all WordPress content without making your website overloaded.

4. Squirrly SEO – WordPress Plugins

This is a handy SEO tool for beginners. It generates real-time suggestions and also enables you to optimize the content for selected keywords, as you write the content. But also offers competitors analysis on a website with suggestions on how to outrank similar web pages.

Besides that, Squirrly SEO boasts many innovative features that are helpful for your marketing efforts comes with innovative features to help with your marketing efforts. For instance, measures the engagement of the audience while offering actionable advice for improving better click-through rates (CTRs). Moreover, it helps in transferring the pre-existing settings when you switch from different WordPress plugins.

Other features:

Sitemap XML
Schema markup
‘Noindex’ options
Free coaching sessions
Advanced eCommerce features
Custom Robot.txt for site crawlers
Google Analytics integration
Social media monitoring

5. SEOPress

SEOPress is another powerful WordPress plugin that is free from ads and white-labeled. It features a comprehensive feature that lets you optimize the site completely. And, you get to build your custom XML sitemap, analyze content as per keywords, manage redirections, and more.

This particular plugin comes integrated with different Google Analytics. Hence, enables you to track all your SEO efforts. Meanwhile, its content analysis helps you provide better optimization tips to write search-engine friendly posts.

Besides that, it offers other features like:

Image SEO
Social media monitoring
Intuitive setup wizard
Dynamic titles and meta descriptions
Support for unlimited keywords
Custom canonical URLs
Free SEO tutorials
‘Noindex’ support


SEO is a crucial activity for all website owners. All thanks to different WordPress plugins, this activity has become much more easier and convenient. The aforementioned tools are really helpful for you to improve your SEO game. Do try them and see the results.

If you are not sure how to apply them on your website, contact Netgen. We have an expert SEO team to help you with all SEO-related queries and issues.