Server Management

Server Management

Your site will work only to the extent that your servers allow it. If your servers are not managed properly your website will take a significant blow. When it comes to dedicated server management services, we are the best.

With years of experience in server management, our team of IT professionals have everything they need to not only keep your site up and running 24/7, but also to make the process of maintaining your site easier. Netgen offers all the server management services you can think of, from setting up new servers to configuring updates and new features for disaster management and information migration.

Top Rated Server Management Services

We have an accomplished team of specialists who help you sustain the health and infrastructure of your website and server, and offer best server management services. We conduct regular audits to optimize your servers according to the latest web standards for fast and secure web browsing. We keep performing periodic security checks and data backups as a measure to safeguard your online assets.

Our stellar server management services ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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We supply the most extensive and innovative cloud computing services and deliver a complete virtualization platform for all your e-business server requirements.

Our team of experts comprehensively manages your Solas VM, Virtualizor, Virtuozzo, KVM, Xen, Hyper- V and other virtualization platforms.

Our team is ready to take on the task of deploying scalable apps and softwares on Azure cloud platform.

We take care of your day-to-day operations with enterprise level management and service for your AWS environments.

For maximum efficiency, we equip your servers with powerful GUI-based monitoring software, making way for a highly dedicated server support system.

Why Choose Us ?

Highly Secured Infrastructure

Our long experience in the latest network security services allows us to provide the most secure infrastructure.

Dedicated NOC Team

The state of infrastructure is deftly handled 24/7 by our team of experienced professionals.

Minimum Response Time

We value your time and guarantee to provide full assistance to all your problems within set time.

100% Satisfactory Service

We provide the highest quality service and assure 24×7 assistance contributing to 100% customer satisfaction.