News Portal Web Design

News Portal Web Design

News Portals serve as global online tools for internet users worldwide. Netgen IT Solutions, a leading Web Development company, offers state-of-the-art technical news portal development services globally.

Our dynamic portals enable easy publication of news, press releases, columns, articles, blogs, and related content. We create user-friendly websites, tailor-made modern portals with a Content Management System (CMS). Additionally, we provide SEO services for improved visibility in Search Engine Page rankings, ensuring seamless access for your readers.

Web Development for News Portals

We offer choices for various layouts, page templates, and categorized news on topics like local and international news, lifestyle, entertainment, jobs, education, business, science & technology, and other specialties, specifically for news portal development.

In India, with over half a billion active internet users, the number is steadily growing each year. The affordable data, mobile network expansion, and advancements in 4th and 5th generation technologies have changed how people consume news digitally.

As print circulations decline and ad revenues from print media dwindle, news publishers are adapting to the digital shift. However, many news portals miss the vast potential of the internet. Those aware of the digital age’s possibilities often have poorly designed websites with cluttered interfaces. While content remains crucial, sites with clear layouts, search engine optimization, and mobile-responsive designs outshine poorly designed news websites.

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We Design News Portals Search Engines Love

Intrusive interface distracts and takes away attention from the main content and leads to a bad user experience. This results in a higher bounce rate and lower Google rankings. News portals we design have:

  • Great user interface
  • Mobile friendly design
  • HTTPS enabled
  • Higher Core Web Vital scores
  • No Google Intrusive interstitials penalty

We Craft Clean Layouts and clutter-free Websites

The online appearance speaks a lot about the legitimacy and authority of your news website. It is important to maintain a functional and efficient news website that has easy and clear navigation and does not disrupt reading.

We Build Websites Optimized for Mobile Devices

There are around 500 million active internet users in India and 80% of them use the internet on mobile devices. March 2021 onward, Google will not index websites that are not mobile-responsive.

We build websites that are mobile-friendly and easy to use on mobile devices.