Want to make your website rank at the top? If so, you need to follow some of the latest trends that easily meet the changing SEO factors and the latest digital marketing needs. By keeping everything up-to-date, your website will rank higher on search engines. Google already has mentioned around 200 factors essential to rank a site.

However, there are some elements that you need to know about to rank higher in 2021. Are you seeking SEO factors affecting your website to rank higher in 2021?

Here, we have shared some important SEO factors to help you attain better search engine ranking.

1) Secured And Https Certifications

Whether you are willing to gain customers’ trust or simply want to rank higher on the search engine, you need to have a secure website. Even many authentic websites don’t have the necessary security features. So, they always end up getting a lower ranking. For best outcomes, you must have the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate (https).

HTTPS is a highly secured web page as per various web browsers. These sites are safe because they have secured encryption for data or information. Hence, it is none of the essential ranking factors. So, if your website does not have an SSL and HTTPS certificate, you need to get it today to rank higher in the search engine.

2) Mobile Friendly

More and more people are using mobile or smartphones every day, as it is an important part of their lives nowadays. They even browse many websites from their smartphones. So, a website needs to be mobile-friendly. If we have a closer look at Google Search, approx. 60% search happens from various smartphones. So, your website must be mobile optimized right away for better SERP ranking.

3) Google My Business (GMB)

GMB is essential today to offer customers information about your brand or business. This information and reviews are important to help you get more sales. All thanks to GMB, you can add CTA, service details, phone number, and business address
GMB provides information about your business to your customers whenever they search for you on Google. Mainly the relevant information and reviews, it is an advantage to get more sales. GMB helps to add the service details, CTA, Business Address, and Phone Number, these details can be filled in the business listing on Google so that they will be visible to your customers.

But note that you only get an owner-verified listing on GMB for enhancing your ranking online. You may even have to add range, price, tag types, etc, to optimize the GMB profile. With proper GMB listing, you have better chances to make your business rank higher and also bring in more customers.

4) Page Speed

Another important factor to help your website rank higher is page speed. It is because when your website loads quickly, there is less bounce rate. For better user experience, Google and some other search engines’ page speed is an important SEO factor.

So if you want to improve your search engine ranking, you must work on increasing website speed. It is important to analyze the speed of a site and also check their ranking on SERPs to known your online position.

5) Social Signals

Social signals are also an important SEO factor, which is recommended by Google. Based on that, Google considers the number of likes, shares, and overall social media visibility of a website. Since social media is everywhere nowadays, it is important to include it in your SEO strategy for growing business widely.

And, to get a higher ranking on search engines, you need to build a strong and innovative social media strategy for best results. So, keep running social media campaigns constantly. And, don’t forget to promote your services for growing faster.

For improving search engine ranking, you have to work on increasing the number of Facebook shares, tweets, and retweets, and sharing content on other social media platforms (like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.


We all are aware of certain things to make a website rank higher on search engine pages. By working on the SEO factors given above, we hope your website will benefit a lot and get better results for sure. By focusing on GMB, page speeds, social media signals, etc, you can seamlessly make your site rank higher on Google Search Engines.