Even an average business has chances to be easily found over 1,000 searches every month. Local SEO and Google search are vital for the marketing strategy of any business. And, this is where Google My Business ranking plays a major role.

Google My Business is basically a free tool by Google for different, including small and large businesses. All thanks to Google My Business ranking, all businesses can make the best local search tactics to improve their online presence. For this, they need to display their business’s location on Google Maps, as well get more Google reviews from their clients.

How Does Google Find Out Local Ranking?

Google’s algorithm has various ranking factors for the search engine results. Therefore, finding out how does Google finds local rankings is essential. When you know how Google’s local ranking works, businesses can easily work on increasing their business ranking via customers reviews, improved digital marketing strategies, and relevant searches.

Here are the three key factors for Google to consider:

Relevance: Check the relevance of keywords to your business. See whether it fits what the customer needs? If it does, your business profile and other information are likely to appear on the local search results.

Prominence: The higher the online PR and better social media presence your business has, the better are the chances of it ranking higher on Google. It does not mean to use a trick, such as duplicate listing. For better ranking in a search query, you have to build yours by improving its search engine optimization.

Distance: If customers are looking for some nearby businesses to fulfill their requirements, they have to link their Google My Businesses listing with Google Maps. It will help you to easily find new customers. This particular strategy is advantageous for local businesses, like electricians, HVAC, and plumber contractors.

How to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking

Do you want to improve your Google My Business ranking? Here are some easy ways to optimize your GMB ranking:

1. Enter complete information with a regular update on major information

You need to maintain Google My Business ranking by keeping your profile update to enjoy the website’s advantages. You need to ensure that all information is prominently displayed on local search results areas of a business. Also, keep the added information updated via Google My Business.

Google My Business profile must include:

Business name
Phone number
Hours of operation
Website (linking to your homepage)
Business categories

2. For better Google My Business ranking, list it is on Google Maps

Do you know around 26% of businesses get many views as per their Google Maps?

There are so many potential customers to search your brand or business via Google Maps. So, you need to list your business on Google Maps to help customers easily find you.

3. Claim and verify your business listing(s)

After listing your business on Google Maps, you have to take the next step to verify your business listing. Google often send you verification request at the time of account formation or during any critical information.

When you verify your business, it will automatically make it appear more authentic. Plus, it boosts Google My Business ranking on SERPs (search engine result pages).

Besides business listing, also take an additional step to get your brand or business Google Guaranteed. Having a green badge makes customers have more faith in your business’s credibility.

4. Add HD photos to the created business listing(s)

When your business listings have proper HD quality photos, your business is often considered highly reputable. It also helps in driving 35-percent clicks compared to those businesses without good-quality photos on their listing.

The average Google My Business listing has around 11 photos. It helps local businesses to appear trustworthy and legitimate to local searchers.

When your customers see your business as authentic, they are more eager to engage with your brand. After all, each image speaks a thousand words for itself.

5. Make proper Q&A section

Using the GMB tool, you can easily invite your friends or others to submit their questions related to the business listing. Both the general community and business owners can answer the mentioned questions.

Pro-tip: You always have to check for new questions and then answer them whenever possible. It also helps you to avoid the risk of wrongly answering these questions. And, when you actively answer the given questions, the higher the Google My Business ranking gets fed in the Google algorithm.

6. Keep posting on your business profile for higher Google My Business ranking

Like social media, you also have to provide information to target audiences via your profile on Google My Business. It includes various things, such as a general announcement, blog posts, seasonal offers, or discounts.

For making the best of your posts, you have to ensure that you:

Include links and CTAs (calls to action) to drive more customers to your business
Post consistently, as regular engagement is important for Google My Business ranking
Sync your marketing campaigns with the posts to get better traction

7. Generate reviews for higher Google My Business Ranking

Around 90-percent of online customers read reviews before they get to engage with any brand or business. Google also knows that reviews are the major factor influencing consumers’ buying decisions. After all, no other publicity is better than good word-of-mouth.

There is no better publicity than positive word-of-mouth from your existing customers. However, your listing may show both positive and negative reviews. So, it’s on your brand to draw more and more positive 5-star ratings.

Improve Your Business’s Reach with Signpost

With higher Google My Business ranking, your business will have better online visibility on Google. All thanks to GMB, you can maximize your online presence, engage with existing customers, and attract more customers via consistent reviews.

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