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Web development trends change faster than even they are implemented. To always stay ahead of your competitors, you got to focus on the right techniques, trends, and approaches that often gain popularity.

We have gone through the tendencies across various industries to form an ultimate list of web development trends 2021. No matter what is your current interest – startup innovation, marketplace development, or IoT invention – you got to be aware of all these latest trends.

Best Web Development Trends 2021

Are you planning to create a new website or simply want to revamp the old one? Just have a brief understanding of the following web development trends 2021. Despite your specific interest, you have to hire the best web developer to help you with advanced web development technologies.

Here are some popular web development trends to follow in 2021:

1. Dark Mode & Low Light UX

You may have noticed a lot of websites with low light UX and dark mode for a couple of years now. However, this trend is still dominating 2021. The best thing about bark mode is that it is clearly visible while browsing in the daylight.

Many websites are also exhibiting the option of switching between light mode and dark mode of the user interface. Some reasons for the increasing popularity of dark mode UX are highlighting design elements, ultra-modern look, minimizing strain on the eyes in low lighting conditions, and power-saving for OLED and AMOLED screens.

2. Interactive & Responsive Elements

People often like to visit websites with highly responsive and interactive web elements. Such elements add a human touch to the site. While interactive elements are hard to implement, they have the benefits and ability to gain viewers’ attention. Being one of the top web development trends 2021, such elements automate web development processes while optimizing the development and costs of the process.

Sine work is moving quickly for smartphones for assistance in everyday tasks, it is indeed a great idea to focus on an interactive site that works on both desktops and smartphones. This will provide your platform a wider reach.

3. Voice UI

Voice User Interface (UI) is also one of the fastest web development trends 2021. it is because of the increasing usage of smart speakers, as well as voice recognition technology in various devices, such as Amazon Alexa and other similar devices by Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc

People nowadays, prefer to do quick voice searches instead of typing a query. They look forward to using eCommerce features with voice search, like ordering online. Therefore, it is very important to include this web development trend on your website for making it more user-friendly.

4. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are advanced web development technology that’s used by many leading companies these days. These apps offer the advantages of both a classic website and a native app. They work great even when you’re offline. Meanwhile, these are created to offer faster loading and a responsive app-like experience.

Companies, like Uber and Twitter, depend on this technology for offering an amazing user experience. CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are a few web technologies required to form a PWA. And, we are more likely to see more number of websites following is a trend in future.

5. One-page Websites

One-page website designs are considered a great option for portfolios, individuals, brochure websites, freelancers, and specific product sites. These sites contain very less space, make it effortless, and bring in more traffic for end-users for finding things without going through various pages. Plus, these sites are very easy to manage and create due to their one-web page design.

For providing an easier and vivid web experience to viewers, many entrepreneurs are opting this single-page website. It means you are more likely to see such websites in 2021.


2021 will be more about clean, fast, and visually appealing websites. Every website development company and website developer must keep themselves updated with these latest web development trends 2021 to create relevant websites. Even traditional websites must be turned into mobile-friendly, modern, and appealing designs.

We don’t know what the future has for us. But with evolving technology every day, we are certain that it will be something fascinating and grand. Whenever you reach out to professional web developers, make sure they make the most of advanced web development trends. It is because these trends will help you stay ahead of the competition while earning a good reputation of being updated.