Today, websites have become an important part of business growth. It is because this medium has become the fastest medium for attracting potential users while convincing them of the use of services or products. However, creating websites and web apps can be a major hassle at certain times. So, we have shared with you some of the best tools for web development to use in 2021.

All these tools will help you in assisting all possible ways for making web development easier and quicker. Whether you choose all the right website colours or handle all data requests well, you need to use these web development tools for creating a responsive website.

But first, you got to understand what web app development tools are and why do web developers need them.

Why Use Web Development Tools?

Web development is a consistent lifecycle that involves various stages and iterations. It needs a lot of work from selecting the appropriate framework and programming language to finding a supportive web server.

All the tools for web development are created for simplifying the lifecycle development for web developers without sacrificing websites’ performance.

Here are the 10 best tools for web development you need to implement for website creation:

1. Novi Builder

Novi Builder is a web development tool with a drop builder and HTML drag that offers free customizable UI plugins and templates. It offers access to source code for elements and enables developers for making different changes in web design at any given point in time.

It is available as a built-in feature for mostly used browsers, such as Opera and Google Chrome. It may also work as an add-on for the browser. Nonetheless, it is quite hard for grasping for people who are new to web development. We suggest this tool for experienced developers who have a better understanding, knowledge, and experience to make websites and apps.

2. Creative Tim

Creative Tim is a front-end web development tool that offers dashboards and UI components built on developing JavaScript frameworks- Angular, Vue, and React. It further helps in enabling both mobile and web app development. You can make elegant and responsive websites with this tool.

Therefore, it is known as a one-stop junction for all experienced web developers. It helps in integrating a frontend web developer with an extensive toolkit for UI elements, dashboards, easy-to-use templates, and pre-coded sections.

3. Visual Studio Code

It is a free open source code tool made by Microsoft for macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. This is an intelligent web-based code editor with a large number of features, such as code refactoring, code completion, embedded Git, syntax highlighting, and testing support.

It is a self-customizable tool that enables you to debug accurate code with breakpoints, interactive console, and call stacks. Moreover, this code editor provides a wide range of packages, as well as free extensions to any additional features or functionality that you may need.

This tool is best to work on both Python and JavaScript, as well as for backend functions.

4. BootStrap

This particular web development tool is majorly used as an open-source library of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It is intended to enable web developers to create highly responsive mobile applications on the internet.

It is a highly extensive UI toolkit that provides access to various ready-to-use elements and built-in components. This feature is easy to set up and web developers can make a functional layout with it in a short time. In the hands of the right web developers, it is useful to create magic as a completely customizable tool.

5. Sass

This tool is for preprocessing scripting language, as it is compiled into CSS codes. It even helps in extending the functionality of any given CSS site. The web developers may easily add multiple level inheritances, variables, and nesting with this tool.

It is considered a great tool for front-end web designing, as it provides access to various helpful features to manipulate colours, fonts, as well as different UI components. It even enables easy design sharing across and within projects, as a result, to offer the seamless experience of project management.

6. Envato

Envato is one useful front-end development tool for supporting CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It further supports multi-level web frameworks and offers templates for Laravel, Vuejs, Angular, and BootStrap. It comes with a collection of 1000+ already made HTML5 components and templates that web developers can use for creating the graphical user interface.

It even provides optimized JavaScript and CSS coding techniques to save your time while coding and improve the speed score of web pages.

7. Sublime Text

This is cross-platform and open-source for editing software to prose, code, and markup. It further supports various markup and programming languages. Another good thing is that you can easily get it customised to anything as per the needs of different projects.
This tool comes with a fast, efficient, and well-designed user interface. Many web designers prefer this tool due to its exceptional intelligent editing tool and wide range of components. It helps offer amazing features, such as quick navigation skills, simultaneous editing, and multiple keyboard shortcuts for flexible application designing.


Node Package Manager (NPM) is a tool for JavaScript. This is helpful for NodeJS developers for figuring out reusable codes and gathering them in many powerful ways. It is useful as a command-line utility to interact with a repository for aiding a given package.
This tool is also helpful to assemble the whole system beneficially and powerfully. It helps to gather the whole system in a very powerful and beneficial manner. Web developers can use it for managing the private and public code among the entire team. It is a very easy-to-use tool and proves to be useful for large and medium teams.

9. One

This web development tool provides various easy-to-use themes. It can be a useful tool for endless projects and domains. It further offers a wide range of plugins, add-ons, and stock photos. You may even use it for developing a professional web app to use provided video and audio assets. It proves to be useful in witnessing your application or website data. It is a great tool for web development applications for commercial projects.

10. InVision Cloud

InVision Cloud is a useful digital web designing platform for making intriguing user experiences. This tool is very easy to use and offers modern and sleek icons. It has distinct tools, like a photography board, Element Library, a web prototype for desktop sites, navigation flows, and various other traditional design practices and elements.


As you’re aware of beneficial web development tools, you can use them as an ineffective way to be productive and stay productive in the relevant industry. So, what are you waiting for? Just explore such tools and level up your web development game.