10 Best Local SEO Strategies For Your Moving Company

Having a simple website for your moving company is not enough to provide the needed information to the viewers or customers. You also need to work on local SEO strategies to help new people find your moving services. This is one of the most feasible ways to enhance a search engine’s rating.

We understand that moving companies deal with various challenges to attract customers. When anyone needs a mover, they usually do a Google search. To attract more customers, businesses need to find different ways reach to the top position on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Why Moving Companies Need To Invest in Local SEO Strategies

Here are the three reasons to invest in local SEO strategies:

1. Google is King, as Yellow Pages are Dead:

There was a time when new businesses had to take out an ad on Yellow pages and then wait for customers to contact them. The times are changing, and Google is not the leader in the search engine world. Therefore, companies have to invest in local SEO strategies to draw more traffic to the website through Google search.

2. Free Traffic:

The nature of search engines is ever-evolving. However, advertising is one of the biggest expenses for different businesses. But increasing Google search rankings with local SEO strategies is an ongoing stream of providing free traffic to your website.

3. Faster Results:

On average, both national and international firms need to wait for around 6 months or a year to see results. Being a moving company, you still have to compete against other nearby movers. Therefore, you have to focus on local SEO strategies to help you rank higher. With a targeted campaign, you could reach the top of the Google search engine within just 30 days.

10 Local SEO Strategies To Consider For Moving Company

We take you through a step-by-step process to help you get to the top position on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Here are the 10 best local SEO strategies to consider for your moving company. With these strategies, you can easily rank your company on the first page on Google.

1. Begin with the Basics – Local SEO Strategies

First, you have to form a business page on local directories with search engines. The major players in this are:
Google My Business
Bing Places
Yahoo Local

This is a very simple task. You just have to enter your moving company’s name, phone number, address, and other data. This information must be consistent in all other directories and social media pages so that potential customers can find you easily.

2. Correctly Format Business Information

While moving companies need to fill their NAP information consistently on the internet, they also need to correctly format it. On the website, you have to make sure that NAP data is in HTML that is search-engine bot friendly.

Also, make sure of schema markup in the HTML code. It provides search engine bots with very detailed company information. Also, include information about products, services, or customer reviews.

3. Don’t Miss Out On Review Sites

Once you have claimed that your moving company is on different search engines, you can consider review sites. Some of these sites to consider are:


Make sure these review sites have your business listed on them. You may even claim your firm, similar to you the way you do on search engines. Further, make sure that the NAP data on all these pages is consistent with the site and other search engine business pages.

4. Add High-Quality Pictures For Local SEO Strategies

When customers make local searches, they usually pay more attention to images on different businesses. So, you have to upload high-quality pictures in the local business accounts for Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc. It will leave a good impression on the potential customers.

5. Manage Online Reputation

While claiming your website and optimizing the NAP data are vital for local SEO strategies, you have to manage your online reputation. Also, pay attention to the feedback of customers on those review sites. Google keeps mentioning the company reviews factor in its local results for online visibility. Therefore, focus on getting high-quality online reviews, particularly on Google My Business.

6. Focus on Social Reviews For Local SEO Strategies

Focusing on social reviews is one of the best ways to work on local SEO strategies. Most consumers look at Facebook for finding reviews of services and products through their friends’ lists. So, focusing on getting positive reviews on different social media platforms is another great way to leverage the online word-of-mouth type of digital marketing.

7. Set Social Media Profiles on Different Platforms For Multiple Branches

If your moving company has multiple branches, you got to set up social media profiles for individual platforms. For instance, you have to make profiles on Facebook, Instagram, etc. It will offer you location functionality that enables companies to control pages for different individual locations. It also allows customers to interact with every branch, as well as the whole company.

8. Locally Targeted Content

Another important aspect of your local SEO strategies must be a focus on locally targeted content. The articles, blogs, and other content must be specific to the local area. This way it will offer value to a moving company and its business on a local scale.

It may appear like a simple blog post on parking rules for moving fleet or when to move in a city to avoid hectic traffic.

9. Don’t Forget Mobile Optimization

People do local searches a lot on the go. It means that they are likely to perform a search on their mobile devices. So, you need to keep your website optimized for mobile users too.

10. Tweak Title Tags a Little

You have to add geographic descriptors in the title tags for boosting web pages. This improves the local searches. Rather than focusing on a ‘highly-rated moving firm’ keyword, you have to type “best moving company in India” for an accurate local search.

With title tag optimization, search engines are aware that your services are available in particular areas. This is how your chances get higher in search engine rankings for local searches.


When you use it properly, local SEO strategies work can help your moving company’s website reach the top of SERPs. You have to focus on the given local strategies to reach your target audience in the right way.