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News Portals Website Maintenance Services

News Portals are updated daily and this needs regular maintenance. This is needed in order to keep the website up-to-date and to prevent the thousands of new security viruses and malware that appear every day.

Netgen IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is the experts choice for cost-effective web site maintenance. We take care of the updates and all kinds of maintenance required for your website to be current and effective, which is just as important as developing it initially. Even if your website is large, in many cases it is more cost-effective to subcontract out website maintenance. Our maintenance and support services freeing you from maintaining expensive in-house support staff and expensive infrastructure cost.

We completely understand the importance of website maintenance and specialize in offering to our client’s Website maintenance and management services for very special prices. We have created several maintenance packages to ensure we have one to fit your company‚Äôs needs. Need more bandwidth? Have other requirements? Contact us and we can discuss a solution.

Every website is different, in terms of having different themes, different sets of plugins or E-Commerce needs. This is why we manually update each site to ensure that nothing ends up broken. We maintain your website as if it were our own.

Specialized plans for Online News Portals
Hosting Setup

We help you with setting up your website on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a Dedicated Server based on your traffic and pageviews.

Server Management

We manage security, patches, regular updates for OS and applications running on your server.

Domain Name Renewal

We take care of your domain renewal and update tasks so you don’t have to worry about missing renewal and lose traffic and readers/users.

Uptime Monitoring

We track all our websites 24*7 and make sure they never go down. Websites are tracked for page speed, uptime, load time etc.

Malware Scanning and Security

We help you with setting up your website on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a Dedicated Server based on your traffic and pageviews.


Backups are very important if you have to recover and restore from earlier versions or copies of data. We provide daily and weekly backups of Database, Files, Logs etc.

Code Optimizations

A website can perform much faster if it has optimized code and is free from bugs. We review all code running on your website and help in removing any code or performance bottlenecks.

Android Mobile App

Mobile app development is now becoming a necessity for all online News portals/Sites due to the advancement of mobile networks and affordability of new devices. A mobile app can help you in reaching more readers and also keep them updated with breaking news.

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