Taking Your Brand to Next Level With Top Logo Design

Taking Your Brand to Next Level With Top Logo Design

One of the first things that clients will ever notice about your company is its logo. This makes the importance of a properly designed logo paramount, since your services – however excellent – will only be hired if a client receives the correct first impression. Hence, logo designers play a very crucial role in website designing and at our company; we house the best of talent.

What Kind of Logo Do You Need?

logo designThere are four characteristics that determine the quality of a logo: they are scalability, visibility, simplicity, and theme.

  1. Scalability
    A scalable logo is one that is as clearly distinguishable in small renditions as it is in large renditions. For example, the McDonald’s logo will be just as familiar whether you put it on a visiting card or on the top of a store outlet. This is important because since the logo will stay with you forever, it is important that it is designed to suit all scales of the display.
  2. Visibility
    A common mistake rookie logo designers make is that they give the logo a colour that makes it difficult to render in black and white. Since your logo will be in most company documentation which is predominantly black and white, having a logo design service that offers you a greyscale incompatible logo may lead to a very embarrassing predicament.
  3. Simplicity
    The importance of simplicity cannot be overstated – an ideal logo is one that can be easily drawn with a pencil by a 6-year-old. Highly intricate logos often make viewers associate the idea of your company with the idea of difficulty or complexity, which is not something that you as a business will want. Notable examples of businesses who have recently changed their logos to much simpler forms are Microsoft and Google.
  4. Message
    Your logo’s message is the take-home information that your logo will impart to a viewer. For example, a sleek and angular logo portrays you as a professional, cutting-edge and effective organization, while a curvy and smooth logo portrays you as welcoming and nurturing.

What we can do as a logo design company

Netgen IT Solutions starts the logo designing process by consulting clients about the kind of corporation they wish to be portrayed as in the market. We make observations and draw out the basic set of features that the logo should possess. Next, we come up with multiple potential logo concepts and present them to the client for selection. Once a logo is selected, Netgen IT Solutions experience designers work on it and render it in multiple scales and mediums, streamline the design and present you with a final product.

Our logo designers hail from some of the best design schools in the country and have acquired significant amounts of experience with the rather tricky task of logo design. As a company, Netgen IT Solutions believe that aside from making your website stand out to the world, a major function of logo designing is to come up with a product that you yourself can associate with your business.