Six Months PHP Laravel CakePHP Training in Shimla

Why Join A PHP Training Program?

Demand for PHP programmers is on the rise. Everyday new job opening are announced for PHP language programmers. PHP is considered a key scripting language about web development technologies. It is easy to understand and does not require much formal training in advanced computer science technologies. A student will find this most commonly used language easy to grasp and apply for its uses as a server side open source scripting language that is best suited for web development. With less effort, an expert PHP programmer is able to achieve very good results.

Why Train With Us At Netgen IT Solutions

As a leading Shimla based IT company, we are at the forefront in executing projects based on PHP technologies. Training with hands on PHP specialists is an added advantage for a trainee to gain from. Being a job oriented training, getting to work on live projects gives the trainee much confidence. A quick learner, who trains hard, can also land a job offer from us

Shimla, An Ideal Place For PHP Industrial Training

Naturally gifted with a very conducive environment, Shimla is one of the best destinations in the country for undergoing industrial training in PHP Programming. Chill out the winters with beautiful snowfalls, the summers are never hot enough to demand air-conditioning and the open spaces never get claustrophobic. NetGen IT Solutions is located in Software Technology Parks of India campus that is supported by excellent connectivity and 24X7 power supply. No training day goes waste at our happening office.

What you will Be Able to Achieve During This Course

This course will enable you to build real-world, dynamic web sites. If you’ve built websites using plain HTML, you realize the limitation of this approach. Static content from a pure HTML websiteis just that static. It says the same unless you physically update it.Your users can’t interact with the site in any meaningful fashion.
Using PHP language and database MySQL allows you to make our sites dynamic:To have them be customizable and contain real-time information. In this course, we describe how to approach real-world projects and take you through design planning and building e-commerce based projects. Using this course you are able to develop projects like:

  • User authentication and personalization.
  • Shopping Carts.
  •  Content-management Systems.
  • Web based email.
  •  Mailing list manager.
  •  Web forums.
  • PDF document generation, etc…

Hands-On Training

In this course, you develop PHP scripts to perform a variety to takes, culminating in the development of a full database-driven Web page. Exercises include:

  •  Accessing command line arguments from PHP scripts.
  •  Generating web pages dynamically using PHP.
  •  Retrieving Web Pages manipulating from data.
  • Personalizing Web site content using Session and Cookies.
  •  Tracking user navigation on your Web site.
  • File handling with PHP script.
  •  Regular Expression with PHP to Make strong validation.
  • Object Oriented Concept to make more Powerful Web Application
  •  Exception Handling
  • Integrating database content to generate dynamic Web pages.
  • Building modular Scripts to enable code reusability.
Introductory Session
  • Web Architecture.
  • Overview of PHP Platform.
  • Origins of PHP in the open source community.
  • Why we use PHP?
  • PHP’s strengths.
Web Development Basics
  • Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
  •  HTML5 New Tags
  •  Style Sheet (CSS)
  •  Bootstrap (Responsive Design)
  • Creating a Web Layout using Div’s , CSS & Bootstrap
  •  PHP language building blocks
  • PHP Conditional Statements
  • Looping (Iteration)
Web Development Basics
  • Introducing ARRAY
  • Reusing Code and Functions
  • JavaScript (JS)
  • File Uploading & Downloadingr
  • String Manipulation and Regular Expression
  • State Management
  • MySQL Database
  • Database Connection
  • Jquery with AJAX
Web Development Advanced
  • Object Oriented PHP
  •  Advanced PHP Techniques
  •  Developing a dynamic web application
  •  Web Hosting
Introduction of Laravel PHP Framework
  • Introduction of LARAVEL
  • Installing Laravel
  • Introduction of MVC Pattern
  • Laravel Directory Structure
  • Understanding Composer
Writing your first Laravel Code
  • Artisan command to generate a controller
  • Basic routing
  • Call a controller method from a route
  • Passing variables from controllers to views
HTML to Laravel Syntax
  • Display Images
  • Make Anchor
  • Displaying Variables
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loop in blade
  • PHP function
  • Build Your Master layout
  • Extending the master layout
  • nested views
  • Include Views
  • Adding assets
Using Forms and Gathering Input
  • Adding HTML5 Package
  • Creating A form using Blade Syntax
  • Validating user input
  • File Uploading
  • Error message Handling
  • Encrypting and decrypting data
  • Preserving the data
Using Controllers and Routes for URLs
  • Introduction
  • Creating a basic controller
  • Creating a route using a closure
  • Making the controller As a routing
  • Using route groups
  • Using route resource
Database Connectivity
  • Introduction Model
  • Type of Database using
  • Eloquent ORM Model
  • Naming Convention
  • Table name
  • Primary key
  • Timestamps
  • Use model
  • Display data from models in views
Database Connectivity
  • Manage Mass Assignment
  • CRUDS Operation (Create Read Update Delete Search Operations)
  • Fluent
  • Simple Query String
  • CRUDS Operation (Create Read Update Delete Search Operations)
  • Query Builder
  • CRUDS Operation (Create Read Update Delete Search Operations)
Security & Session
  • Removing Public from URL
  • Sessions Effective
  • Using captcha for Brute force prevention

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